Call for footage for #C4Sheffield video

Channel 4 are going to be increasing their presence outside of London, and Sheffield would like to show the world why Sheffield as a city embodies the spirit of C4, as told by the creative talent already here.

We’re asking Sheffield’s amazing creative and digital community to submit footage we could use in an online video. Ideally this will be shot in Sheffield, but we're open to any stunning films made by companies based in the region.

We’re looking for HD quality footage, which you hold the rights to / will give us permission to use, on any of the following themes:


How the people of Sheffield do brave, crazy, sometime foolhardy things.

Not afraid to make trouble

How the people of Sheffield have stood up to authority, challenged the status quo, and changed the world.

Made in Sheffield

Film, TV, games, VR, digital media which has been made in Sheffield, or by Sheffield companies. The finished results, or showing the work being made.

Home to Superhumans

Paralympic sports, medical technology, a proud history of looking beyond disabilities.

A distinctive voice

Showing the diversity the people who live here, doing interesting things, and doing them in their own way.

We will use a few seconds as part of the edit. All contributions which are used will be credited.

To submit, please email a link to your footage via Dropbox, WeTransfer, FTP, etc to: 

Closing date - 5pm on Fri 15th December 2017